Will Schube owns 4% of Pied Piper

If at this point, after so many good full-lengths, and equally inspiring non-album singles (a label many bands use to release not-up-to-par work into the world) you don’t listen to Woods, you probably never will. But for fans of the New York neo-psychsters, “Tambourine Light”—their latest non-album single (also very, very good) is an affirmation that yet again, the band is moving in the right direction. Reminiscent of With Light and With Love’s crisper moments, the new track is a nice contextual piece for where the band has been and where they’re going.

If the most excellent With Light and With Love, wasn’t enough for you, “Tambourine Light” is likely ready to cure what ails you. The track is an extension of the album’s poppier moments: the drums pace and drive, the guitars recall some of Foreign Born’s better moments (while also incorporating stabs made popular by reggae music), and Jeremy Earl’s voice is emotionally engaged. I’m not quite sure why this beauty didn’t make the album, but it’s availability is what matters most, I suppose. The record’s b-side, “Tomorrow’s Only Yesterday”, will be available both digitally and physically on July 8th, but “Tambourine Light” feels like the kind of track worth preserving physically, with that elusive piece of wax that music like Woods’ keeps from becoming irrelevant.

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