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Will Schube is a student at Colorado College. He is the college's self-proclaimed 'King of Intramural Sports.' If you need to reach him, you can stop by the Colorado Springs YMCA where he's training for the forthcoming Inner tube Water Polo season. Currently Listening:

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An Interview With Sam Wilkes October 29, 2023
Will Schube speaks to the multi-instrumental artist surrounding the release of his new LP Driving about self-releasing a project for the first time, allowing himself to stumble on ideas that work, letting the music and story songs speak for themselves post-release and more.
Will Schube dives into what makes Chaos Theory, Pt. 1 a seamless collaboration between Daktyl, who provides the bass-heavy production and Benni Ola, whose vocals shine overtop.
Will Schube writes about how Spencer Zahn, Dave Harrington & Jeremy Gustin's lounge jazz rendition of Harry Styles' latest album made him re-consider his preconceived notions.
Will Schube returns with another track review to dive into the brilliant new 10-minute track from Four Tet, an electronic music legend and William Tyler, an acoustic folk artist.
Will Schube highlights Danny Lee Blackwell, aka Night Beats' single for his upcoming album Rajan, and how he builds a multi-instrumental world within it.
Will Schube writes about Fat Tony's brilliant new song produced by Blockhead, which is a funny yet all too relatable story about terrible roommates.
Will Schube speaks to LOS KEMET about moving around throughout his childhood, being exposed to rap music by his father, being inspired by good sequenced albums and more.
Noise Pollution returns for its first edition of 2023 with Will Schube's coverage on new music from Corntuth, Laurie Styvers, Sam Gendel and Will Epstein.
On 'To What End,' Oddisee asks how far we’re willing to go to chase our dreams and reckons with what reality might have been like if he didn’t take a step back to recontextualize how his career fit into his life.
AKAI has always been around–close to the boiling point of New York’s elite tier of DIY rap, but never with the opportunity to flex his muscles as a solo star... until now, Will Schube writes.