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Tim Presley doesn’t spend much time dawdling on “Like That”, his latest single under the White Fence moniker. Within seconds, Presley’s finely tuned machine is off and running. It packs serious punch in its less-than-three-minutes run time. A brief guitar introduction (reminiscent of Girls’ “Lust for Life”) immediately gives way to pulsing drums and efficient guitar flourishes. As Tim Presley begins to sing with a biting falsetto (a characteristic not many falsettos can boast), the guitar begins to chug, urging the track into constantly forward movement. There’s not much new to what Presley’s doing. The touchstones are commonplace: Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop. Nut Presley is so impressive because of the way he can skew traditional pop/rock/punk archetypes and make them something entirely his own.

The seemingly out-of-nowhere 15 second guitar solo towards the end of “Like That” is a great example of this. It shouldn’t fit in with the track’s airiness, but “Like That” floats on a cloud of guitar bliss. The new White Fence record is coming July 22nd and is Presley’s first non-bedroom project. Many “bedroom” artists would shrink under the pressure of a Drag City release produced by Ty Segall; Tim Presley’s taking that limelight and carving it in his image.

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