Tosten Burks can sell water to a whale

11. “Lyrics read like a random word poetry generator with access to Urban Dictionary, the auto-tuned bars sitting atop unassumingly beautiful and often Eastern-inspired production.” (i-D)
10. “A stripped-down, trap-inspired averaging of every commercial hip-hop track on your rooftop BBQ playlist this summer, and yet it’s bass-heavy and monolithic enough to feel like a missive from the sky.” (The Fader)
9. “Rapping about being sad and depressed over gigantic dreamy beats” (XXL)
8. “A stream of near-monotone observations and declarations focussed on his own social discomfort and rapped in the vernacular of American Top Forty rap.” (New Yorker)
7. “There’s something compelling, and borderline hypnotic, about his somnambulant flow.” (Entertainment Weekly)
6. “His occasionally oddball brand of ‘cloud rap’ is taken to its ethereal high, with syrupy synths drifting over rattling drum machines and satiny studio effects.” (Consequence of Sound)
5. “There’s something clever about the young Swede’s music. It possesses an oddly charming quality to it that’s hard to describe without being in on the humorous side of it, but it’s not the type of music for those looking for an explanation.” (Pigeons and Planes)

4. “The Arizona Iced Tea-loving lyricist’s flow is impressive, a surprise to hear and see such conceptual work produced by someone with such a small amount of years under their belt.” (Interview)
3. “His work isn’t a sendup of hip-hop materialism so much as a fun-house mirror version of it.” (New York Times)
2. “Rapping about everything from lean to cocaine to Oreo milkshakes” (Red Bull Music Academy)
1. “It was something like a joke, except not at all.” (Noisey)

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