It’s been noted that the female representation in the West Coast ratchet takeover has been fairly weak. A bit surprising, considering that Pink Dollaz, Bangz, and Asia Lynn (who was basically Honey Cocaine before Honey Cocaine existed) once offered a strong counterbalance to the male-dominated jerkin’ scene.

But that was a half-decade ago. During that time, Nicki Minaj transformed herself from mixtape rapper to monolith.  Chicago produced Sasha Go Hard, Katie Got Bangz, and Tink. New York yielded Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, two of the most talented rappers of the last several years, who perfected the art of self sabotage in ways only previously achieved by Charles Hamilton. Kreayshawn became the Snow of swag rap. Kitty Price became Tumblr’s Northern State.But LA women rappers have largely laid low.

But according to journalistic cliche, three makes a trend, and you can make that case that LA’s women rappers are on the ascent considering new very strong singles from Cam and China (formerly of Pink Dollaz), Bonny Billionaire of Long Beach and Mustard affiliate, Cocc Pistol Cree. It’s 2014, which means that every street rap song to emerge from the West Coast is going to sound like it was made by DJ Mustard. It’s great if like you Mustard (which I do). Plus, the added benefit of it is these minimal lunar wide-open spaces are like rap spandex (to quoth the Kane) they make any ass seem good. Hence, Tyga and any number of the Pushaz chronic carrying cartel.

That’s not to say that these girls can’t rap well. They can and they will be the first person to snap if you say they can’t. They’re also articulating their own deceptively complex versions of feminism. Bonny Billionaire has a name like the love interest of Richie Rich, a sari, and hails from the LBC, which means that she’s flipping Kurupt in the first lines of her new single “RNS.” The basic theme of the song is that she’s looking for a real one, but finds most men trash, and will be fine without one. It’s both taunting, highly sexual, and even-handed. She just wants to meet you halfway. And it bangs. I am going to play for my grandmother and mom the next time they complain to me about the shallow dating pool.

Cocc Pistol Cree reps LA proper and sports among the best aliases in rap right now: Munny McLaren. You might remember her from last year’s Mustard’s Ketchup mixtape. She also pops up on the new Clipping record. Her new mixtape is called Postpartum II, she claims her pussy is tighter than Ferrari’s and talks about always doing her kegels. At this rate, she is well on her way to being an American icon. If Mustard gives her the right folder of beats, she could be the Lady of Rage to Y.G.’s Snoop, who if you recall had the first verse on Doggystyle. And like the queen of afro-puffs, none of these girls give a single solitary fuck — unless they’re the ones in control.

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