Torii MacAdams is rockin knockin the boots

If you love Houston rap, you know that the unassumingly titled Houston Rap: Photographs by Peter Beste is an indispensable document of H-Town’s rich rap history. Though the photos were captured by Beste, hence the title, the actual author of the compendium is one of Texas’ own exes, Lance Scott Walker. In addition to Houston Rap, which reportedly took nine years to assemble, Walker recently authored a companion, Houston Rap Tapes, a name shared with his month-old mix series, Houston Rap Tape Radio.

Walker’s Houston Rap Tape Radio is a logical extension of his already extensive work. The featured artists range from nationally recognized stars like Devin the Dude and UGK to long-defunct obscurities like Too Much Trouble, who billed themselves as “The Baby Geto Boys” due to the presence of “the white Bushwick Bill,” Bar-None. Walker’s not a DJ, but sneaks in pithy biological information between songs, and the mixes balance the varied sounds of 90’s Houston, a fertile scene equally capable of candy coated raps and proto-horrorcore tales. You don’t need a cassette deck or 12’s in the trunk of your slab to bump these tapes, but it wouldn’t hurt.

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