August 2, 2014

ssnbwsyq96ctdhk5tjtpBoosie is one of the greatest because few rappers are more governed by their moods. The original Thug and Birdman version is a joyous celebration reminiscent of the Cash Money Hot Boys and Mannie Fresh era. The Bad Azz G-Mix could’ve been anything ranging from a euphoric yelp about newfound freedom to the most sinister shit you ever heard. Somehow, it’s both. He flips the hook telling people to run from him, decries fake ganstas, and questions anyone doubting how he handles beef. Boosie is the most brazen. He follows up taunts about his murder rep by mentioning his mother crying at the graveyard, betrayal, shoot outs, the streets of Louisiana, the walk at Angola, and the gun that’s part of his outfit.

He basically transforms this year’s “Good Life” into a paranoid, weary, and triumphant life story. There is no narrative, merely images and you can string them together. There is something very wonderful about hearing a song like this because it was likely that we never would. The odds were that he’d go to Angola for the rest of his life. But he’s out and rapping and still the most haunting,

Via Complex

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