Chris Daly is really into Trap Step Wave Core

Since it does come around once per year, Living Legends’ very own Luckiam likes to celebrate the occasion by dropping a free joint for the fans. This year’s gift from the Cali birthday boy enlists the talents of the equally lofty Myka 9 and Open Mike Eagle for vocal assistance and Putrid for production duties. This combining of Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship and Hellfyre Club prowess is so underground that it’s equally appropriate for C.H.U.M get-togethers as it is for an afternoon, summer BBQ. Putrid places Sunday morning church going keys over rat a tat percussion and the occasional wind chime on the hook while the boys wax rhapsodic over their love of boom bap. Amidst the revelry, the boys have some choice words for more faddish sounds, namely trap and dubstep. Points to Open Mike for his observation, “I never really liked dubstep/to me, it sounds like cyborgs having rough sex.”

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