03bd1826All in for the Freddie Gibbs and Action Bronson remake of Miami Vice. Bam Bam in all white like Don Johnson. Freddie Gibbs transforming Tubbs into an Adidas sweat-suited real killer and drug dealer. I’m unsure the last time anyone bought a nickel bag out in weed-liberated Southern California, but I’m sure it exists — though I prefer to surround myself with an elitist stripe of fiend. This is the “Knicks Remix” of the original Knickerbocker anthem from Pinata. Bronson has too many memorable lines to count. You either love him or are still peddling outdated criticisms that he sounds too much like Ghostface. But there is no funnier rapper right now with references effortlessly ripped from the collective unconscious — telling stories about crashing Hyundai’s on acid the same night that Chris Childs punched Kobe. Then ruminating on how bizarre it feels to take a shit while you’re tripping. That is a different phenomenon for a longer and more scatological essay. He rhymes Christopher Lloyd with Big Noyd and finishes it off with a reference to Sbarro. Queens couplets to make G-Rap (triple) beam.

Ransom and the Joseph Bada$$ round out the remix. The latter sounds right on this moaning dilapidated soul loop, kicking NYC remember-when raps that work for a 16 but exhaust you over 60 minutes. What I’m trying to say is that this is something to play loud on headphones in the subway or ride around to, or watch the Knicks lose by 20 or the Lakers lose by 35. At least we have this.

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