Passion of the Weiss Mix, Volume XII: Captain Supernova – “The World Has Just Begun”

The latest in the Passion of the Weiss mix series: A blend of soul-funk, jazz, and 70s soundtracks from Captain Supernova.
By    October 23, 2014


Fusing Floyd, Bowie, Herbie Hancock, French electronic prog, Daft Punk and Marvin Gaye, the astral traveler christened Captain Supernova made an impression on the collective squad when he dropped “The Captain’s Theme” earlier this month. Intent on preserving his anonymity, the pilot will only admit to a penchant for hard drums and phosphorescent synthesizers. His music comes across as well-studied without the stuffiness that sometimes trails those whose crates threaten to put clamps on their imagination. The few tracks he’s released thus far, maintain a stoned 3-dimensionality, as though his only studio needs are Moogs, astronaut ice cream, and the most refined street pharmaceuticals.

For the 12th Volume of the Passion of the Weiss mix series, I tabbed the Captain to compose a mix of some of his influences. He described it as: “Old funk and some OSTs in between tracks. Its starts out downtempo and then increases into some more spacey disco jams. I was trying to make a mix that would be the soundtrack to the creation of Earth.”

The mix and tracklist are below. Best heard in your preferred liquid and cooling ventilation garment.

David Axelrod – 1000 rads
Vladimir Cosma – Profil Grec 1
Crown Heights Affair – The Love I Found this Time
The Flasher OST – The Flight
Dorothy Ashby – Windmills of your mind
David Axelrod – Ken Russell
Frank Gartner – Laser
Dexter Wansel – The Sweetest Pain
Jon Lucien – Would you Believe in me Glenn Davis Edit
Donald Byrd – Think Twice
Hubert Laws – Undecided
Driver OST – Driving
Leo Hassler – Grotesque
Manzel- Space Funk
Lalo Schrifen – No one is home
Herbie Hancock – Ready or Not
Flashlight – Beginner’s Luck
Tomita – Aranjuez

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Passion of the Weiss Mix, Volume XII: Captain Supernova – "The World Has Just Begun" by Passionweiss on Mixcloud

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