Aaron Frank’s fist to your face is Folger’s

Of course, it’s way too early to already be discussing next year’s Coachella. But it’s worth noting that the Gaslamp Killer made a recent appearance on Gilles Peterson’s BBC radio show, and along with a tremendous new mix, the LA-based DJ and producer also revealed himself to be the first confirmed artist for Coachella’s 2015 lineup.

He’ll be joined by a 14-piece band in his latest undertaking, The Gaslamp Killer Experience, which first debuted at the Mayan Theater in 2013, featuring costumed dancers and an impressive horn section, overcast with enthralling psychedelic imagery plucked from the likes of Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain. In discussing what the performance will entail, GLK also revealed that he went as far as to request having his own stage at Coachella, an idea that was quickly shot down by promoters. Still, you have to appreciate the scope of GLK’s vision, even as he defeatedly acknowledges, “This isn’t Dour, and I’m not LeFtO.”

However, the most enjoyable and insightful portion of the interview, aside from the history of the LA beat scene and how the city’s music scene intersects with its solitary car culture, arrives when GLK discusses the introspection and fresh perspective on artistic identity that resulted from his life-threatening moped accident. “We have a lot of time to grow and to change and to evolve and to keep doing it. It’s not gonna end. No one’s going to leave you high and dry if you keep contributing to your community,” he explains. “You don’t have to be relevant all the time. It doesn’t have be this hustle all the time.” That’s sage advice for anyone, but particularly for up-and-coming artists in the digital age.

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