Back to 2009 with Silkie, Quest and Antisocial

We take a look back at Silkie and Antisocial's jazzy Dubstep variations in this vintage live recording from 2009.
By    October 28, 2014

Son Raw is all about the good old days.

Brace yourselves, because 2009 is already old school. I know, but it can’t be helped: someone, somewhere is reminiscing about the days Kid Cudi ruled radio and Dirty Projectors style synth-rock was a viable concern among people who wore cardigans. I blame it on longterm skinny jeans abuse cutting blood circulation to the brain.

For fans of the style of music formerly known as Dubstep, now alternatively known as “real Dubstep”/”old Dubstep” and “aww just forget it…”, this nostalgia is even more acute. While 2009 was already past the tipping point for trendy Londoners, it was still ground zero for the sound in the rest of the world and the sense of excitement that we’d finally found our way out of the retromania quagmire was palpable. By then the genre was in full wobble takeover mode, but there was still plenty of room for colourful variations and even the heavier tracks hadn’t reached the point of sheer parody that became the dominant mode in the Skrillex era. One of the most interesting stylistic variants to come out of this late aughts explosion was the jazzy, groove-based sound by Silkie and Antisocial entertainment.

We called it at the time, and it still holds up years later – this 4 hour, vintage live recording is sufficient proof of that. Going back to back at a Danish festival, the crew prove there was a viable middle ground in between sullen minimalism and douchebag festival anthems for musicians and listeners with a sense of funk. And not to get all misty eyed, but I’ll take this over Duke Dumont any day of the week.


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