December 8, 2014


Give Mustard and Y.G. credit. By this point in the careers of their ancestors, Dre and Snoop, the former was already one foot in the grave of making sanitized Been There Done That raps. Prior to his resurrection at the hands of the pale white cash cow. It’s shaky if Y.G. will actually make a billion through legal means, but he’ll keep clocking seven figures it he and Mustard retain this type of chemistry.

Dijon is well into his production factory empire mode, which could be a good thing. The East Flatbush Project style keyboards and the occasional whooshing THX pseudo-strings stay minimal, while expanding his palette just enough to remain interesting. Enlisting others for outside ideas can be a good thing if you retain the core of what got you here in the first place. Fuck a Grammy. The best way for these two to stay relevant is by remaining raw.

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