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Son Raw is tuning his strings

JT the Goon and Murlo are Starsky and Hutch, except English. And they’re not cops. And they produce music. Basically the only thing these two duos have in common is the cool factor, but I think that’s enough to warrant the comparison nonetheless. But enough about buddy comedies, the duo’s long awaited Plume EP if officially out on Oil Gang records, and it’s as brilliant a send off to 2014 as a genre can get, revisiting JT’s tone-setting Twin Warriors courtesy of a Murlo remix, merging the two’s styles for Plume and unleashing Cold Stroke, one of Murlo’s darker and meaner dubplates, upon an unsuspecting public. The latter is perhaps the only time you’ll ever hear a four on the floor beat on an Oil Gang record, so that’s like a Road Unicorn or something.

But let’s be real, the standout track is JT’s Garden of Eden – a whirlwind of gunshots, strings and synths so epic it should be scoring a documentary on mid 19th century Sino-Irish gangsters. And unlike my Unicorn line, that’s no exageration.  A grandiose sign of things to come in 2015.


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