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The next installment in our mix series comes straight outta Bristol, a city with both a long musical history (I’ll spare you the rehash) and a vital role in contemporary Grime. OH91 is a certified badman producer with riddims blending the raw and aggressive side of classic Grime to contemporary Hip-Hop 808 booms and hi hat rolls – a combination that keeps things current without gussying up the proceedings. Check last year’s anthemic Stealth for all the proof you need. It’s a sound that finds him at the intersection of London OG’s like Spyro and Spooky as well as Bristol peers like Kahn & Neek and Hi5Ghost, all of which feature here. It makes for a fierce and focused selection: we love weightless interludes and what not but this isn’t the place for them – sometimes you just want bangers.

Exclusive beats from across the UK aside, the other element setting this mix apart from your average Souncloud fodder is Oh91’s chops on the deck, with tunes barrelling in 16 bars at a time, one after the other. It’s an approach that doesn’t give you a chance to catch your breath, and it’s refreshingly gutter in an era where everyone seems to be going for a seamless, sterilized approach.

OH91 has an ultra-limited, 100 copy, split 12” single with square wave aficionado Chemist, due out December 15th on Coyote Records’ Big Cartel store. Meanwhile, Coyote will be dropping the second installment of its Coyote Kings compilation series later this month, but more on that in the coming weeks…


Track list:

Finn – Keep Calling
Mystry – Pulse R
TC4 – Slogan Lama
DOK – Groove
Sir Spyro & OH91 – ???
Finn – Hot Nigga Refix
OH91 – XTRA91
Sir Spyro – Tekkerz
Scampz – Bang Bang
OH91 – Kick Box
OH91 – Odessa
Lolingo – New Cross Gate
Sir Spyro – Chung Li
Hi5Ghost – Shifting Sands
OH91 – Magic
Kahn & Neek – ???
Joker – Tron (Spooky Refix)
Grandmixxer – S63
OH91 & Lemzly Dale – Onion Rings
OH91 – Shuttle
Timbaland – Ayo Technology (Instrumental)
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