Will Schube always keeps the light on

“If God had a disco, the DJ would be playing California gospel-soul group The Supreme Jubilees.” Or so say the folks over at Light in the Attic, who are re-introducing the world to the early 80s soul group with It’ll All Be Over. While Light in the Attic rarely steers their listeners wrong, that quote feels a bit off base. There’s something morose about these Christian tunes, less suited for the heavenly discotheque than they are for a headphone party during a groggy morning—preferably after too many of whatever illicit substance one prefers. To balance out the record’s more existential moments (“It’ll All Be Over”, “Thank You Lord”, and “Standing in the Need of Prayer”) the group includes some real upbeat gems. Lead single “Do You Believe” is an absolute groover—so groovy that a made up word like ‘groover’ can be used to describe it.

It’ll All Be Over is not necessarily the A+ work Light in the Attic sometimes releases, but there’s replay value over the course of the record’s nine tracks. There’s real diversity over the course of the album, which often keeps some of these re-releases from gaining traction. The Supreme Jubilees may have missed a spot in heaven back in the 80s, but thanks to Light in the Attic, that special ascent feels imminent.

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