March 4, 2015


There are too many things to like on the new single from Cam & China, the sister duo that split off from jerk-rap queenpens, Pink Dollaz. First, they rap like they are the rightful inheritors to the throne of Yo-Yo and the Lady of Rage. Secondly, they can do the singing-rapping shift as seamlessly as Missy and Tweet in their prime. Third, they use “boo” instead of “bae” in the first four bars. Fourth, they flip Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” hook-up into sinister funk (which is one of the best kinds of funk — should you be keeping score).

Then there is the vintage Roger Troutman vocoder, mixed by the legend, DJ Battlecat. Google him if you don’t know, but really, you should know. Lastly, there is the vocoder funk refrain that croons Snoop’s “Ain’t No Fun.” It feels wholly contemporary but taps into every strain of hard-core West Coast rap for the last quarter century. They have been on the very shortlist of the best female rappers from LA since they first came through with “I’m Tasty.” A few more songs like this and they will be in contention for best LA rappers. No qualifications necessary. This is the daily double, an anthem for single people and mink wearers everywhere.

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