A look back into the near-distant past to dust off this jerkin' feature from 2009.
Cam and China fucking up the summer.
There are too many things to like on the new single from Cam & China, the sister duo that split off from jerk-rap queenpens, Pink Dollaz. First, they rap like they are the rightful inheritors to the throne of Yo-Yo and the Lady of Rage. Secondly, they can do the singing-rapping shift as seamlessly as […]
At the height of the jerkin’ phenomenon, the Pink Dollaz always seemed a safe bet for stardom. They were five teenaged girls who rapped inordinately well about eating pussy, lap dances, and the general tenets of bad bitchdom. A half-decade later, PTAF rode that lane to a low-key street hit that Nicki, Empress of Boss […]
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In one year, DJ Mustard went from practically anonymous to $20,000 a beat. That’s how it goes. All you need is one hit and Mustard’s “Rack City” became Las Vegas’ most significant cultural contribution since Fear and Loathing (or maybe “Leaving Las Vegas:” Sheryl Crow edition.) But at home in Los Angeles, Mustard had earned […]