In Sauce We Trust: Houston’s Sauce Twinz Link Up with Boosie and Kevin Gates

The fast-rising Houston rap group continue to be codeine's best selling point.
By    March 27, 2015


The Sauce Twinz’s days as Houston’s best kept secret are probably finished. There are rumors of an imminent Drake remix, part of the Canadian Imbruglia’s vampiric search for the next fossil fuel of cool. There are worse things to have happen to your career. Ask the Migos or Makonnen or Terrence Ross.

Since I wrote¬†about them in January, their stock has only risen. So it goes when you get Steve Francis to come to your show and he gets his chain snatched. If that isn’t the definition of authenticity in the post-authenticity world, then you’re reading VladTV. Outside of the big ticket releases, their mixtape and Montana of 300 are the only things to monopolize my rap listening. Pigeonhole them as a H-Town Migos if you must, they might have a better pop sensibility and sense of pacing than the three wise men of Gwinnett.

Between Maxo Kream and The Sauce Twinz, they’ve done the heavenly plug’s work in redeeming Houston from the clutches of Kirko Bangz and Travi$ Scott. For their latest double cup, they recruit the two best rappers from Baton Rouge: Gates and Boosie. The bond between BR and Houston is indelible. Even though the Southside of BR is much closer to New Orleans than to Texas, it’s always been somewhere between the two poles on each side. When C-Murder got locked up, Houston is where Max Minelli and Boosie finished the latter’s Concentration Camp record. Baton Rouge rappers are more likely to move to Atlanta or Houston than they are to the Crescent City.

So the connection between the Sauce Twinz and their BR brethren feels natural. They’ve probably been listening to Boosie and Gates since they can remember. The Gates collaboration, “Tatted On My Face,” has the Twinz singing disembodied and drugged, full of ad-libs and conviction about the sauce. The sauce is good. Gates kicks his money counting bullet-scarred rasp like he smokes blunts laced with angel dust made of the bones of angels (or devils). The song is anesthetic for when you decide to make the questionable decision to get your face inked and solace for when you wake up the next morning and try to piece together how it happened.

As for the Boosie track, between the title “Oh My Sauce” and the first lines (“Twins did it again,”) they do the criticism for you. Boosie continues to go in on the DA for blaming him for the murder rate of the SouthSide being sky high. The Twinz understand the magnitude of Boosie dripping with the Twinz, and they will tell you repeatedly. Why in the fuck did they do this? Who knows, drink up.


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