Mixtape: Harold Stallworth Wishes You a Very Jiggy Spring

Make your Spring 200 percent jiggier.
By    April 7, 2015

Harold Stallworth saw it like Dionne Warwick.

Spring is the season of jiggy, the sweet polygamy of wind chimes, wave-kits, oversized blazers and ‘80s R&B. In the late ‘90s, the conventional wisdom was that rappers were to never go full-on, unapologetically jiggy. Even the jiggiest acts of the shiny suit era, the Will Smiths and the Puff Daddies and the Harlem Worlds, occasionally tried their hands at aggression and introspection. When sandwiched between a song featuring DMX and a song featuring Maya Angelou, jiggy is jarring—but as a singular sound and quasi-sub genre, it has its merits, to be sure. It’s a tragedy that we never got a purely jiggy full-length album. This seasonal mix, curated by my alter-ego, DJ Jiggy Azalea, does its best to approximate such an album.

Download: Spring Mix: Harold Stallworth

01. Akinyele – Ak Da Hoe

02. AZ – What’s The Deal

03. Cru – Loungin Wit My Cru

04. Foxy Brown & Method Man – Ill Na Na

05. Half-A-Mil – Thug Luv

06. Mic Geronimo – Street Life

07. Foxy Brown & Nas – Hardcore

08. Noreaga – Closer (Sam Sneed Remix)

09. Prodigy – Stop Stressing

10. Rell & Jay-Z – Love 4 Free

11. Royal Flush & Noreaga – What a Shame

12. Will Smith & Camp Lo – Yes Yes Y’all

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