Famous Future Time Travel with Myka 9 & Factor

#ListenToMoreJazz will endure
By    April 8, 2015


Max Bell brings sand to the beach.

Myka 9 (formerly Mikah 9) was listening to more jazz long before the hashtag, not because of it. Freestyle Fellowship and Good Life/Project Blowed lore has been well documented elsewhere (see This is The Life) and needn’t be revisited here. What’s important is this: Mkya 9 essentially invented the jazz flow; he swings over hard-bop where other good intentioned sprogs adopt awkward and grating vocal affectations in order to mask poor writing. He’s owed more checks than he can count by those who’ve appropriated his lepidopteran linguistics, but it’s all love.

“Famous Future Time Travel” is the titular dart from his forthcoming project with Saskatoon producer Factor. (Their initial offering, Sovereign Soul, is below and worth sorting for all that is annihilating and anfractuous.) It is the standard elder statesman admonishment, except that it isn’t. Factor’s beat doesn’t genuflect at crumbling altars of old—it skitters and thumps with the pulse pumping from Airliner speakers each Wednesday night. Myka is in top form, criticizing rappers for their inability to articulate, for crafting an image instead of honing their craft. He does so melodically, in a fluid triplet flow that renders all reproach undeniable truth, not unpalatable preaching.

Famous Future Time Travel drops May 19th via Urbnet. Regardless of how it’s received, it will further cement Myka’s prescience. He’ll always be ahead of your timeline.

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