Premiere: Busdriver’s “No Blacks No Jews No Asians” Video

The previously unreleased video for Busdriver's 'Beaus$Eros' cut is the world's most dangerous video game.
By    May 22, 2015


Paul Thompson is reading that shit from a Fat Boys tape. 

“The Avatar appears at a supermarket checkout stand. “BEGIN.” The CASHIER swipes his food items. The total reads $10 dollars as the apathetic Cashier holds out his hand for the money. The Avatar shuffles through his weapons and chooses a wallet. The wallet is empty. “DEFEAT.” 

The shelf is a funny place. When things trickle out from music industry purgatory, their time has usually passed; if the second Def Jam Joe Budden album surfaces tomorrow, will anybody be able to tell? But maybe the video for Busdriver’s “NoBlacksNoJewsNoAsians” was better off under wraps–at least for a while. Culled from his divisive 2012 LP, Beaus$Eros, Driver’s latticework of Winston Churchill figurines and Applebee’s coupon hole punchers is brought to life in the world’s most dangerous video game.

“The screen changes to a different scene. The Avatar is walking down the street behind an OLD WHITE WOMAN. The screen reads “BEGIN.” The Old Woman has her arms full of stuff and unknowingly drops her purse. The Avatar bends down to pick it up, but as he stands up a THIEF runs by and steals the purse. Avatar watches the thief run away. Screen reads “DEFEAT.”

Directed by Daniel Anthony, “NoBlacksNoJewsNoAsians” follows Driver as he “fails” in a series of social engagements. When he’s defeated for good–by police officers, naturally–he goes on a crime spree of a coda, water gun and stolen bicycle in tow. It’s incisive, it’s technically wondrous, it’s disorienting. Just like Busdriver.

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