Kid N’ Play: KR Comes Through With the Summer Jam

Rising LA phenom KR continues to demand your attention.
By    May 27, 2015

Chris Daly is immune to Based curses

As any professional will tell you, to succeed at the game of life, you’ve got to have moves. L.A.’s KR (Kaalan Walker to his family) takes this message to heart in the Chucky Millions directed video for his latest single, “Play My Shit.” The video starts with our protagonist — played by KR– showing up unannounced at the home of two lovely ladies as they play video games. The two clearly are unimpressed with his appearance, boxing him out, telling him to back up and generally showing a level of disinterest usually only shown to JR Smith on the Knicks. Then we cut to a parking lot scene where we quickly learn that Mr. Walker has studied Murphy Lee’s text book on tail feather shaking. While the scenes are not directly connected, once his swagger is established, the women seem to open up a bit more. Oh, and because it arguably wouldn’t be a full-fledged rap video otherwise, there are some poolside scenes, too. Because the spirit of “I Get Around” lives on every spring and summer.

Produced by PYRMDPLAZA, the song bears the hallmarks of today’s burgeoning R&B/hip-hop/beat scene blender sound. KR quickly brings to mind the sing-song rap stylings of such artists as Childish Gambino and Open Mike Eagle, which I hereby name the “srapping” sub-genre. The sound is pure L.A., heavy on the synths, distorted vocals and odd percussion. In a welcome departure from the norm (gratuitous booty shots notwithstanding), this is a video about a silly kid getting his groove on and trying to get laid, not about anything particularly heavy, which I, for one, appreciate. Ideal for cruising the strip this summer with or without strippers. Between his ear and eye candy, KR will get his wish. You’ll play this shit.

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