Instrumental Heads: Unwind with “ArauKaria” by Somepling

When it's 3 a.m. and you're on a deadline and the smoke won't dissipate.
By    May 28, 2015


Chris Daly has a bit part in Civil War

Some people seem to find more work to be the cure. Personally, I call these people “crazy,” but to each their own — your mileage may vary. Case in point, to “relax” following the filming of the first Avengers flick, Joss Whedon opted to have some familiar friends over for a weekend shoot of “As You Like It,” because, you know, throwing down a spur of the moment Shakespeare rendition at your crib clearly is the go-to mode of chilling out most cats would pursue. France’s Somepling (Olivier Rousseaux), instrumental beat producer extraordinaire, takes a similar approach on his most recent SoundCloud offering, “ArauKaria.”

Hard at work on his latest album, Monsieur Rousseaux apparently opted to call a quick timeout to drop this gem. With crackling static, this is what crate digging for late nighters is meant to produce. A slinky synth loop gives way to dusty kick drums, all made with an MPC 2000XL and records, straight out of the MPC with no mixing or mastering. Instead of sounding even remotely unfinished, however, we are treated to an after-after party jam that Mecca:83 himself would have been proud to have had a hand in creating. While Somepling states he’s not sure if this joint will make the final new album, if this track is any indication of the path OR is traveling, we are in for one helluva ride.


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