Check Baby, Check Baby, 1, 2, 3, 4: Meek Mill’s New Single

Meek Mill only has one mode.
By    June 3, 2015


Jimmy Ness only uses money order.

Human megaphone Meek Mill takes a break from sobbing like a broken-up boss to offer more adrenaline in MP3 form. “Check” is Meek’s fifth single from Dreams Worth More Than Money and if you’ve been counting, his fiftieth “I’m a Boss” sequel. The thin-voiced rat-a-tat is more music for extreme sports, face-punching and seven figure bank deposits. Essentially, it’s the same as last year’s “FYM” only this time without a hungry Boosie verse. “Check” is a formulaic hustlers ode for those with an insatiable thirst for thumping drums, menacing pianos and minimal ambition. Meek and his cohorts are in the building, counting money and some other stuff he’s told you about before. But it doesn’t matter, Meek Mill is the human Monster Energy Drink. I can’t take it in large doses, but he’s not about to put you to sleep. (Presumably).

Meek doesn’t need to be the Philly version of Kendrick Lamar. His purpose isn’t to spit contemplative poetic assertions for the third eyed and we shouldn’t expect him to. However, it’s been a good while since MMG has offered anything that feels fresh. This is essentially a remake of “Energy,” with a little hint of 56 Nights Future. It knocks but it’s unlikely to own radio — and if Metro Boomin and Southside can’t deliver Meek a hit, who can? This track doesn’t have a single memorable line, hint of detail or display of character. Maybe it doesn’t need to. Meek is a closer not a starting pitcher. He’s still getting checks, but if he wants people to keep checking for him, it wouldn’t hurt him to evolve.


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