Fuck a Drought: Take 32 of DJ Fresh’s ‘Tonite Show’ Series

The Baltimore-bred producer "Twist's One" with Planet Asia.
By    June 23, 2015

Harold Stallworth is the definition of ill. 

DJ Fresh, a sample-based producer that churns out albums at a breakneck pace, might be California’s answer to The Alchemist. But that analogy has more holes than a cheese grater: DJ Fresh is originally from Baltimore; The Alchemist hails from Beverly Hills. Not to mention DJ Fresh toured the world with Nas as a teenager, whereas the Alchemist was absorbed into the Soul Assassins crew at the tender age of 14. So forget about all that—what’s really important to take away here is that DJ Fresh, much like The Alchemist, has become a model of consistency, producing dozens of refreshingly insular albums with his underground rap friends.

“Twist One” is the first single from the 32nd chapter of his Tonite Show album series, which is set to feature Durag Dynasty’s frontman Planet Asia. The sound is summer in Northern California—like running through water sprinklers in defiance of state-mandated water restrictions.


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