Believe Scotty Cain

Scotty Cain might be Baton Rouge's next great rapper if he ever gets out of jail.
By    July 16, 2015

“Man, I gotta stay out of jail. It get stressed when you get in that cell.” Like too many Baton Rouge rappers, Scotty Cain’s worst fears became reality. Despite being arguably the hottest young rapper in the city, his rising star has come at a cost. The two biggest artists on the Mafia Muzik label are both incarcerated — the other being Mista Cain. Racked Up Ready died last month. Boosie and Gates might be free, but the cycle of violence continues unabated.

Scotty’s biggest hit to date is probably “I’m Juggin,” which essentially sounds like Migos took a trip to the Bayou. Other songs remind me of the quick-to-war rage of Boosie, the marble-mouthed bounce of Juvenile, his Cain Muzik labelmates, and maybe even a little of the melancholy introspection of Starlito. The formula is simple and hasn’t been altered much since Trill was on top. This is double cups stuffed murder music. The stuff you hear bumping out of every car and trap house on the South Side of Baton Rouge or at Dreams on Monday. It’s intensely local and always personal. I’d shout free Scotty Cain, but I’d rather save hope for a world in which all the best Southern rappers don’t get sunk.

ZIP: Scotty Cain – Mafia Muzik

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