Circa 1991: Ice Cube & Junkyard Band Perform in Prince George’s County

Say "Fuck You Ice Cube."
By    July 17, 2015

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Harold Stallworth is rolling with the Grinch Mob.

Last week, while browsing through Kemp Mill’s go-go aisle (the only record store in the DMV that actually feels like a record store), I came across a Junkyard Band tape featuring Ice Cube circa 1991. Apparently, he performed with the band at Triples, a long-defunct nightclub which, coincidentally, once stood less than a block from the same strip mall where Kemp Mill is presently located.

This is truly a sound to behold: arguably the greatest rapper of alltime, at the height of his superpowers, touring Amerikkka’s Most Wanted while recording for Death Certificate and filming for Boyz In The Hood. In about seven-and-a-half minutes, he runs through “The Nigga Ya Love to Hate,” “Once Upon a Time in the Projects,” “Jackin’ For Beats,” and “Rollin’ Wit the Lynch Mob” over a melody of conga drums and cowbells. The sound quality is a bit grating on the ears, but loud and abrasive has always fit Cube like a fingerless glove.

Download: here

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