Summer Mix: Harry Potter & The 100 Band Juug — By Evan Nabavian

From Bricc Baby Shitro to Future, all the way to Hufflepuff and OG Maco.
By    July 21, 2015


Evan Nabavian won’t rap with muggles

My summer mix finally unites the worlds of Harry Potter and the trap. Dumbledore is the plug, Polyjuice potion is dirty Sprite, the Shrieking Shack is the bando, the Leaky Cauldron is Magic City, Galleons are blue hundreds, Inferi are fiends, and Mad-Eye Moody is Fetty Wap. Hermione shows Ron how to hit that wingardium leviosa with a flicka da wrist. Harry finesses Professor Slughorn, who finesses Hagrid. Malfoy flexes and buys the Slytherins Nimbus 2001s. Fred and George got that work.

Shout out to T.I. and Lil Lody who did this first, albeit without a sense of irony. Try to take some time off from trapping to enjoy the summer. You can catch me by the pool, gone off that firewhiskey.


1. Bricc Baby Shitro – 51 Bandz (Remix)

2. Rich The Kid – What You Been Doin

3. Johnny Cinco – Virtual Trapping (ft. Peewee Longway)

4. Future – Real Sisters

5. OG Maco – Long Nights

6. Ca$h Out – Violent (ft. OG Maco, Skippa da Flippa)

7. Ca$h Out – Did That (ft. Johnny Cinco, Shawty Lo)

8. Ca$h Out – Touch Your Toes

9. Skooly – Simple

10. MoneyMakinNique x Johnny Cinco – Run It Up

11. Bricc Baby Shitro – 6 Drugs

12. Rich The Kid – Wrist Gone Crazy

13. ILoveMakonnon – No Ma’am (ft. Rome Fortune, Rich The Kid)

14. Peewee Longway – Good Crack (ft. Yo Gotti)

15. Peewee Longway – Jugg 4 Me

16. Rich Homie Quan – Too Short

17. Bricc Baby Shitro – Godbody

18. Future – Trap N*ggas

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