Young Thug Needs Chickens

Two Mike Will Made It and Young Thug songs dropped in the past week.
By    July 22, 2015


Jimmy Ness wants four fried chickens and a coke. 

If Thugga continues to spit, mumble, and stutter artful raps at this pace, the staff at Passionweiss might get twin lip piercings to celebrate. With “I Need Chickens,” Young Thug throws out his second freely inventive single alongside Mike Will Made It in four days. Much to the annoyance of the U.S Marshals Office and Conservative Rap Coalition, the persistent rise of the skinny jeaned martian continues.

Young Thug doesn’t need extended metaphors and multi-syllabic wordplay; he barely needs English. The tropes might not change, but the vibe is on a thousand. For a joyous three minutes, Jeffrey Williams harmonizes with himself, ad-libs bird calls and slings a few rhymes about moolah. Being near incomprehensible doesn’t make it any less vital. This is music for distorting how you think rap should sound. What Thugga does in five words is more exciting than what many rappers do with an entire song.

Mike Will’s beautifully sparse beat deserves equal praise. Unlike previous release “Pacifier,” this track leaves room for Thug to play. The Eardrummers CEO’s atmospheric thump and mechanic drills elevate Thug’s melodies and vocal somersaults without obscuring his delivery. Mike’s humming bass is similar to Gucci Mane’s “Plain Jane” (below), which is another example of the producer boosting his collaborator. At this rate, I might even forgive him for Miley.

If Young Thug’s upcoming album HiTunes doesn’t trigger an influx of amateur face tats and old head apologies, we need to riot in the streets.

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