Son Raw’s Instrumental Wrap-Up: July (Pt. 2)

Wen, Visionist, and a rework of that Joe Buddens track?
By    July 30, 2015


Son Raw’s debut double-album is called Son Raw After Death

Dun’ kno yesterday’s part 1.

I wrote about Wen back in May, so I won’t repeat myself, but I’d be remiss not to mention that his latest EP is out on Soundman Chronicles. In addition to being the label’s first project released digitally, it’s Wen’s longest release since last year’s Signals album, and it’s a definite statement. The producer’s trademark vocal samples are still there but watch what they’re saying: “back to the basics, back to the rave scene, a new vibe, pace myself, it’s more personal, more emotional, more of a deeper look into my life.” Fair enough mate. Musically, this means a deeper, subtler take on the man’s 128BPM rollers, and it’s a maturity that suits him.

Of equal interest to fans of slow rolling darkness, Visionist recently re-launched his Lost Codes imprint (now Codes) as a Pan sub-label complete with vinyl. They kicked things off with a collaborative EP from longtime affiliates Acre and Filter Dread, and if you’re a fan of electronic music’s inhuman side, this goes out to you. Whereas Wen’s release felt explicitly emotional and telegraphed his intentions, this Interference EP is inscrutably mechanic and ruthlessly effective: pirate and rave tools for a new generation that sound just as good at 4AM in front of a monitor.

And to end things, a few more releases that caught my ear.

Trends dropped longtime dub “Pump It Up,” sampling the ’00s hip-hop production of the same name. It’s this month’s 140BPM banger of choice: I don’t need 100 words to tell you that it’s devastating in the dance, you’ve been hearing it for months in your favorite DJ’s set and now that it’s out, you’ll be hearing it plenty more.

Finally, Jeb1 is a naming that’s been floating around in sets for a hot minute and he’s been sending me some real fire recently. A prodigiously productive musician, he just dropped Grime Blood on Bandcamp, a 10-tracker that remixes Public Enemy, fulfills this month’s square wave quotient, and even features a trapped out journey to the middle east in belly dancer. You’re probably familiar with most of the names featured in this month’s column, but keep an eye on Jeb: at free.99, this release is worth checking out.

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