Video: Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Ur Life One Night”

Just your average love story.
By    July 30, 2015


Chris Daly twists the piff and sings “Aane wala pal”

It’s a tale as old as time–guy meets the girl of his literal dreams. Guy pursues girl before realizing he has competition in the forms of a lightning bolt arrow-firing demigod, a giant insect, and a semi-nude, fire-spewing tiger. Some dudes on horses show up. Girl turns out to be a Hindu goddess of some sort. The wheel of dharma continues spinning. I mean, how many times has this happened to you? Five or six times at least And yet as common a trope it is, Unknown Mortal Orchestra knock it out of the park yet again in the video for the latest single, “Ur Life One Night,” from the immensely enjoyable Multi-Love, their third album proper.

This is UMO at their funkiest, the American/New Zealand group demonstrating that their penchant for oddity translates well into the realms of Parliament, Prince, and other synth-heavy funkateers. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ruban Nielson has spoken at length on his desire to incorporate strong Asian art imagery here, and by teaming up with Indian director Manoj Leonel Jahson, Nielson clearly accomplished his goal. The video utilizes Hindu mythology, miniature paintings from the Mughal period, and copious amounts of body paint. Stoner Bollywood at its finest.

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