Cam & China Keep Running Up

Don't sleep.
By    September 17, 2015


Are Cam and China the two best rapping Twins since The Twinz? Are they the best sibling rapping duo since Pusha and No Malice? The best Inglewood rappers since Mack 10? The answer is probably yes to all. The ex-Pink Dollaz have spent the last year and change bludgeoning beats with the automatic chemistry that you could only get from real sisters (no Nayvadius).  I’m not sure what they have left to prove at this point. There were legends in high school and are probably only rivaled by RJ and YG in terms of destroying these spare ratchet echo chamber function soundtracks. Whatever the fuck that means.

But LA has long excelled at smooth murder music that you can ride to or run up on someone — and Cam and China are doing this as well as anyone. Their new song could soundtrack brawls at house parties all autumn. Someone needs to give them the key to the city.

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