From Leimert Park to Japan: Nocando’s “Osaka” Adventure

The god of Hellfyre....
By    September 18, 2015

nocando - pow fest - labor day 2015

Chris Daly takes his in-laws Animal Style

An artist’s purpose for his art can be varied: to express political beliefs, claim true love, bitch about your breakfast. The list is endless. On “Osaka,” the Hellfyre Club’s very own Black King, Nocando, seems to have one implicit and sole goal, namely, to demonstrate just how hard as fuck he can be.

Kicking off with some on-stage footage before dropping the Hovey Benjamin beat with the dope stand-up bass line, the Conrad Curtis-directed clip shows Cali’s own James McCall spitting sick verses along the streets of Japan. The track started as a SoundCloud one-off, of which Nocando sagely wrote of at the time, “I wrote this in Osaka.” As evidenced by the white haired shojo and break dancing ronin, the locals clearly dig what Nocando is putting down, too. The video ends with more on-stage footage, cutting from the produced track to an actual live performance, the non-mutant Robert Shaw somehow amping things up even further in the final minute. It’s not hard to hear why Nocando truly is a Leimert Park legend.

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