Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle + Serengeti) Takeover: Artists We Definitely Didn’t Sample for the Cavanaugh Album

Mike Eagle and Serengeti would never sample these artists. Not once. Not even Kobe.
By    December 1, 2015


Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti are Cavanaugh. Buy their album here. It’s a cheaper and better investment than Florida real estate. 

Sampling was this really great thing that used to happen like in the 90s that people decided was illegal. Basically, people who wanted to make music but didn’t necessarily have access to musical training or instruments figured out a way to make new music out of parts of old songs using drum machines stitched together with old shoe leather I guess.

I don’t know how they did it. It must be like how those monks stumbled upon cappucino. Brown folks making pretty things by bizarre dumb accidents it seems.

All of my favorite rap records were made this way cause it was less illegal then — so now none of my favorite rap records could be made. They could be made, I guess, but no record label wants to spend their dwindling sales revenues on promoting rap records that they can get sued for because they’re so illegal and good.

So when I made the beats to the cavanaugh project I certainly didnt sample anything because that’s illegal and I never do anything illegal because in a lot of places people think its okay to shoot black men to death when they break the law. I really do like making pretty beats, but not enough to get shot a bunch of times

Since sampling wasn’t an option, I made all these beats using wishing, guessing, positive thinking and prayer. I didn’t sample anything and I never have even once cause its been illegal as long as i’ve been paying attention and as I said before I never do anything illegal. I drive the speed limit sober and I take my phone apart whenever I get in a car — even if I’m not driving.

I fear for my well being!

So no sampling, not a sound. because illegal. and to further protect myself from liability, here’s a list of artists I definitely did not sample for the Cavanaugh album


Donald Fagen: The guy behind the great Steely Dan — a band sometimes critcized for appropriating black styles on music and singing. He apparently doesn’t respect rap music very much. I guess cause there’s not enough noodling. I think thats pretty weird, so I won’t use his stuff to make something I like.

Neil Young– I couldn’t stand to have him look at me with those angry eyes, or yell at me in that beautiful tenor.

Mavis Staples

Creed: I couldn’t sample them because I don’t have any of their music. Could be good. The musical basis for the next big Little Dicky song could be on there. I wouldn’t know. I don’t have any.



Burt Bacharach

Kirk Franklin: He probably wouldn’t approve it. I’m a huge heathen.


Kobe Bryant: He made a rap album one time. I definitely didn’t sample it. Did you hear he’s retiring? Who knew?

so thats it. didnt sample any of these folks and didnt sample anybody else for that matter. nope. didnt. the piano on ‘church’? i built my own damn piano out of wine bottles and nail clippers and i pressed it on vinyl six months in advance cause thats how long it takes then i sampled it back into a voice recorder like a real musician. i need donald fagen to be proud of me. steve albini too.

Listen to Cavanaugh’s Time and Materials here:

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