Dominate Break Loops: The Dirty Psych-Rap of Dr. Conspiracy

If you like old DJ Shadow, Edan, and Gaslamp Killer
By    January 14, 2016

Conspiracy at Trinumeral

As a practicing Futurist, the requirement is that you have to choose the dirty over almost everything. This has always been a guiding principle at this site, even when Ciara and Nayvadius were blissfully brought together by “the angels” (No Scioscia). Today, we’re premiering Nuclear Mysticism from Atlanta’s Dr. Conspiracy, which sounds like the most woke album title since Ab-Soul accidentally stabbed himself in his third eye trying to open a bottle of lean with a tweezer (it was an odd day in Carson.)

This album is filthy in the best way. Scabrous psych-breaks, eerie synthesizers, chopped echoing rap vocals, and adamantine drums. As one of the samples says, it dominates break loops. Pure dirt at its most unrefined. Recommended if you like Jel, The Gaslamp Killer, Al Lover, Sixtoo, old DJ Shadow, Edan, etc. If you like psychedelic hip-hop that makes the most sense after four gravity bong rips, this is for you. Also, major respect for being able to focus on anything after four gravity bong rips. Also, why are you still doing gravity bong rips?

You can buy the cassette and MP3s from Psych Army hereĀ .


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