For the Classical Crowd: Deantoni Parks Meets Beethoven

Deantoni Parks warps and molds Beethoven for modern times on his Deanthoven EP.
By    August 11, 2016


Will Schube still listens to Girl Talk.

Mixing Beethoven and modern day beat music may feel a bit gimmicky to the average internet skeptic. It probably is gimmicky, even in capable hands. But what Deantoni Parks does with sample sources and a drum kit comes out of a genuine interest in re-contextualizing what we think we know. In this case, Parks takes a stab at Beethoven, turning his beautiful compositions into off-kilter, glacially melting textures. The EP is separated into three tracks, but the record plays best as a single unit.

The record is short, but Deanthoven’s 17 minute run time offers plenty to grab onto. Parks has spoken at length about his Technoself method in the past, and while the practice may be easier to digest in a live setting, the way he constructs his recorded work is engaging and innovative. The drums sound shot from a cannon, the samples equal parts texture and melody. Deanthoven’s first single is “Magdalena,” a post-disco stunner with Beethoven’s strings warped into synth stabs and sludgy beats. The track’s a serious melter, its pace equal parts waltz and bass rattling trap. The entire EP is available for a couple of bucks. Well worth the price of admission to the Deantoni Parks show.

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