January 20, 2017

Will Schube is more of a Frito guy.

“FDT” just got a sidekick. The Fuck Trump anthem cultivated by Bompton’s braziest bommander has been working overtime railing against the soon-to-be tyrant, and while “FDT” can be heard from car windows across the states, the follow-up hasn’t been available. If you’re gonna point to the G-Eazy and Macklemore remix as a worthy sequel, fuck outta here. Waka Flocka wiping his ass with a Trump jersey is a tremendous statement of artistic intent, but it asks a lot more of protestors than simply riding around with “FDT” at full volume.

Enter Rejjie Snow. The Dublin born rapper who once resided in Savannah, Georgia, has given us track two for inauguration day playlists. While “FDT” uses sleek, menacing wordplay to get under the skin of our most irritable Cheeto, Snow’s delivery is straight foaming from the mouth. The combination of vitriol and genuine fear is a powerful cocktail, and Snow harnesses the recipe straight, no chaser. Over producer Rahki’s G-Funk bassline—giving “Crooked Cops” a rightful place along “FDT”—Snow’s voice takes on the cadence of the grime aesthetic, breathlessly sneering, “Public enemy/My felony was being black as fuck.” The chorus is simple: “Crooked cop.” Over and over and over again. It would be repetitive if it wasn’t so damn true.

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