February 3, 2017

Will Schube doesn’t wear tight enough pants to be a hipster.

The disconnect between the internet crowd and rappers boosted by that audience is always immediate and irreconcilable. Maxo Kream explains it best when describing his latest single, “Grannie,” to Complex. He says, “I made this song so people could understand me. A lot of my fans are in the white hipster internet crowd.” Well, shit. He found me out.

The production for “Grannie” is helmed by MexikoDro, a relative newcomer from Atlanta with a PlayBoi Carti credit to his name. The beat is less foreboding than a lot of the music Maxo chose to accompany his Persona Tape, with subdued synths and bell stabs leading the way this time around. “Grannies” is nothing more than a day in the life of young Maxo, and the song’s tight narrative frame gives Kream more than enough room to show that he can really rap his ass off. He spits, “Hookers, strippers, crackheads, robbers, trappers all in public housing/Uncle Bo was stealing from my grannie can’t leave shit around here.” The heat comes from all sides and if you’re unprepared, you’re gonna get played. But Maxo emerged from the rubble and has become one of Houston’s most exciting talents. Fresh off the heels of The Persona Tape, Maxo shows no signs of slowing down with the understated intensity of “Grannie.” H-Town has a new household name. Don’t remind Drake.

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