February 16, 2017

Bias doesn’t matter when the product is unimpeachable. Sure, we think Natia is one of the most exciting young rappers in the game. He’s the only dude able to rock checkered slip on Vans and name drop both Heineken and Modelo in the same song without sounding contradictory. He’s an original, mixing grimy street raps with the satirical deftness of someone like DOOM. Natia is signed to POW Recordings because we believe in him as an artist. We’d write about him on the site even if he wasn’t one of ours (in fact, we have). Passion of the Weiss is all about repping the shit we love, the undiscovered and underrepresented. Having a label to extend that ethos even further is a blessing. With that being said, we’re proud to share the video for Natia’s “Blood on the Hypeman,” from his forthcoming 10K Hours. That’ll be coming later this spring.

The video premiered on HipHopDX yesterday, and Natia explains the motivation behind the track better than we ever could:

I understand that everyone can’t be lyrical or freestyle, or whatever Hip Hop used to be.” But these nursery, Dr. Seuss mediocre rhymes and songs that niggas are doing now gets me more than angry. Shout out to Big Pun, Raekwon the Chef, Big L, and Eminem —real mothafuckas who said real shit about real problems that other real mothafuckas could relate to. Everyone seems like a hypeman ‘cause their songs consist of nothing but ad-libs, and that minimizes kids’ imaginations. There’s no art, just mothafuckas that look the same — identical hypemen. It feels fake and unbelievable, so I’m gonna expose and dispose it. Hence, ‘Blood on the Hypeman.’”

Natia is the acid rapping, shit talking, hip hop historian you can’t help but love. He’ll trash your favorite MC but earn your respect anyways. For the “Blood on the Hypeman video,” he’s a four headed monster zonked out across multiple TV screens and decrepit scenery. Natia can be chameleonic in that sense, shifting across different iterations of rap sensibilities from moment to moment, song to song. Just don’t ask him to be a hype man. He may just get blood on ya.

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