March 17, 2017

Chris Daly named his second and third children Goku. 

It’s hard to imagine anyone improving on any aspect of Open Mike Eagle & Paul White’s recent masterpiece, Hella Personal Film Festival, but through the wonders of animation and the likely ingestion of drugs, Studio Doulzia found a way through their animated take on “Dang is Invincible.” Premiering originally on Adult Swim, this three minute and change cartoon proves that late night television remains a bastion for today’s discerning, overgrown children stoner beat fans, a continually expanding demographic.

Director and Doulzia founder Alex Pierre puts it thusly: “Conceptually the video parallels Open Mike’s stream of consciousness and the narrative style of rap. The video follows Studio Doulzia’s Noul (the protagonist of their film concept Skeletonblood) moving through train cars in a New York Subway Q Train. Noul anxiously looks for a train car where she can feel at ease, her journey speaks to finding assurance and humor in the subtle unfamiliarities that exist within the atmosphere of intimate settings like train cars, that otherwise could make a person feel vulnerable. The song felt really visceral, and we wanted to capture that as much as we can visually.”

For the otaku inclined, think a more kid-friendly Dead Leaves animation style adventure starring a recorder-sword wielding heroine going about her daily adventures, like getting lost on a bird-filled astral plane, hanging out with robots, playing video games and communing with gold chain wearing space manatees. You know, regular Saturday afternoon shit.

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