Will Schube takes a look at the new single from Jonwayne.
Pencil in the DOOMSTARKS project for later this year. Or next year. Or the decade after that.
Ka’s Dead Prophet Report October 16, 2014
Anwar Sabreen does not approve your trite Disney references.  Ka is no longer a secret. He is Brownsville’s late bloom comeback story. He went from bowing out of the rat race gracefully, to crafting two critically acclaimed albums back to back. His YouTube channel had been transmogrified into a frigid project cul de sac via a […]
Torii MacAdams is blood simple “‘Bama.” My Texan housemate uses it as both noun and adjective. Not to be confused with “bammer,” “‘Bama” is supposed to simultaneously connote inferiority and desolate, country bumpkin simplicity. An example: “He’s from some ‘Bama ass part of Texas.” Gene the Southern Child, who hails from Florence, Alabama, has a […]
The Wayniac Moves in Silence November 21, 2013
Max Bell put beer in the school water fountains. Jonwayne has one of the best live sets around right now, rap or otherwise. I’ve seen him at least four times this year, and he’s managed to leave me captivated, spellbound, etc. each time — I cannot say the same of other rappers I’ve seen multiple times […]
Max Bell is doing Jamaican dances. Sequels rarely live up to the original. For every Blues Brothers there’s a Blues Brothers 2000. You hope for the best yet end up disappointed, admiring the intent more than the product itself. Really, it’s a matter of capturing the spur of the moment, recording the perfect combination of […]