POW Premiere — Benedek’s “Afterglo” Video

POW premieres the visuals for Benedek's "Afterglo."
By    July 20, 2017

Will Schube always takes Laurel.

Is there a city with better afterglow than LA? The sun disappears but the light remains. It’s when the unattainable myth of the southland becomes an actualized reality. Benedek, LA’s latest disciple of all things funk (his first track featured Dam himself), captures this waning feeling on “Afterglo,” a late night, burnt out, scorched Earth banger.

POW is premiering the video for “Afterglo,” which depicts a surreal drive on LA’s various highways, spying on other cars and injecting the visuals with the occasional collage—mostly an eyeball like shape suffocating half the screen. Consider it Un Chien Andalou Pt. II.

“Afterglo” is off Benedek’s forthcoming Bene’s World, out July 28th on LEAVING Records. The Stones Throw subsidiary continues to hold it down for the city we love, and Benedek does the same. Bene’s World is a tour of LA’s various subgenres and unearthed gems, touching on house, jazz, disco, and pop through a funk lens.

This isn’t your pops’ funk music, either. Benedek’s been honing this sound since his debut single in 2011 and Bene’s World is his most cohesive work to date. Take the aformentioned “Afterglo,” a track with little interest in exploring the terrain outside its main groove. Benedek works the phrase into a hypnotic loop, and from there, just lets it ride. A nice drive along the PCH—or perhaps the 405 if you like the meditative hum of traffic. The sun has gone down, the light’s still lingering. The dream is alive and well.

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