POW Premiere: CMON’s “Good To Know”

POW premieres "Good to Know," the first single from Regal Degal's new project, CMON.
By    January 12, 2018

Photo by Coley Brown.

Will Schube’s spirit animal is the Regal Beagle.

Los Angeles’ rock scene has been just the tiniest bit quieter since Regal Degal left the scene. The Brooklyn transplants’ unrelentingly original style of indie rock lent itself nicely to a world overpopulated by three piece bands attempting to turn every stage they played into mom and dad’s garage.

Blending New York’s post-punk disco days with the collected cool of a warm California night, Regal Degal quickly rose in prominence. But the band disappeared just as they arrived: quickly. In the interim, singer (and former drummer) Josh Da Costa played with Chris Cohen and will be featured on MGMT’s new LP. While Degal has been inactive for a few years now, throughout these new collaborations Da Costa has linked up with his old rhythm section, drummer Jamen Whitelock, to form CMON.

CMON (AKA Confusing Mix of Nations), is Regal Degal’s sexier half, shedding the post-punk from their disco origins in favor of something cocaine clean and knife sharp. POW is premiering the band’s first single, “Good To Know,” which sounds equal parts like the Drive soundtrack, Italians Do It Better’s greatest moments, and a lost b-side from Dirk Diggler’s Boogie Nights sessions—but in this case, he knows how to sing and Reed Rothchild programs synths like an expert.

“Good To Know” is smooth like silk, with just enough dirty psychedelia to keep the edges frayed. The hook is an earworm, Da Costa’s voice able to shine alongside the happy-go-lucky-‘cuz-I’m-high-as-a-kite-instrumentation. Regal Degal’s departure left a serious void in LA’s rock community. Who knew the same dudes would be filling it? I hope the hipsters have learned to dance.

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