Don’t Go Down Easy: Jonwayne Returns with “Last Last Fall”

Will Schube takes a look at the new single from Jonwayne.
By    May 29, 2018

Will Schube regrettably bleeds blue and orange.

I’m still waiting on sources to confirm, but I’ve heard that Jonwayne bleeds rap music. The LA-bred emcee, producer, label boss, and general hip-hop stylist has proven his worth while Lil Dicky tries to make sure we never take another white rapper seriously again. If a handful of unimpeachable LPs (with last year’s Rap Album 2 being one of the year’s best) and an unwavering ear as producer on Danny Watts’ debut last year weren’t enough to convince you of Wayne’s otherworldly touch, his latest track, “Last Last Fall” may be the push you need.

An assured addition to the Adult Swim singles series, “Last Last Fall” takes a vinyl cracking, bassless drum groove and busts it open, adding hefty low-end to a beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Odd Nosdam tape. Wayne shows off a previously untapped swagger to his voice, adding a dramatic lilt to the end rhymes of his scheme, both playful and deadly serious. “Last Last Fall” is a full on romantic confessional, as Wayne raps, “When I first met you, I hit that panic button / I know that upset you / I wasn’t capable of love but really I was not prepared to be presentable / I hated myself.” The internal pattern of his rhymes shows a deftness and artful skill Wayne’s always hinted at but never mastered this completely.

Wayne’s music has always served as a sounding board for the rapper to self-diagnose and work through the issues—both physical and mental—that plague him. On “Last Last Fall” he questions the love of a partner, asking how she can love him when he doesn’t even love himself. There’s a quiet air of desperation: “Without her, I don’t know if these wheels will keep spinning,” he raps. But Wayne ultimately realizes that if he keeps trying to get better the results will come. If the progress of his rap career is any indication, Jonwayne is going to be just fine. 

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