Young Nudy Gets High on “Sherbert”

Will Hagle breaks down the latest single from Atlanta's Young Nudy.
By    July 24, 2018

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Will Hagle lives in Nudyland.

Describing how music makes you feel can be as futile as treating weed strains like a sommelier. No matter what the stoned copywriters of the recreational era tell you, weed’s main function is to get you high. You know what that means, and have likely experienced the subtle variations that different plants can provide. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and therefore the substances we intake affect us all in different ways. Music can function in different contexts, but the end result is the same: It’s either hitting you right, or it’s not.

According to Leafly, the strain called Sunset Sherbert “exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy.” The site says that “Stress, tension, and sour moods melt away with the carefree mindset and physical relaxation that comes with this rich hybrid.” At least the way it impacted my body chemistry after entering my earlobes, the same could be said about “Sherbert,” Young Nudy’s new ode to the particular strain.

“Sherbert,” like “Broccoli,” is an upbeat song about weed that’s named after a food type that only sounds appetizing in a certain context. Broccoli tastes better when paired with certain foods, and “Broccoli” the song only sounded good in 2016. Sherbert and “Sherbert,” however, both sound especially good in this hot summertime.

The song, off Young Nudy’s forthcoming Slimeball 3, is light, happy, and shiny, with a repetitive synth line bouncing behind the 808-driven beat and Nudy’s shaky ramblings. It’s good if you don’t listen too closely. The chorus is as follows: “Smoking on sherbert/ stunna frames on, Steve Erkel/ Double cup, bitch I drink purple/ Pussy so wet she’s like a Squirtle.” The verses are worse. But they still sound good and make me feel the same. The way in which it’s all packaged together, to describe it like a weed sommelier, is “quite delightful.” It’s unclear if “quite delightful” has ever been used to describe weed or a rap song before, but again, that whole enterprise is pointless, anyways. Just listen to “Sherbert” and see if it hits you like it hit me.

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