Hallucinations & Good Vibes: A POW Dub Mix

POW presents a dub mix from Mike Dupar.
By    August 1, 2018

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Michael Dupar listens to Dublab.

It is easy to dismiss dub as a sub-genre of reggae that merely doubles down on the bass and the potency of one’s tincture, but as anyone who has taken the time to sink into its wormhole would testify, dub is about exploration, hallucinatory nuances, and the spaces between the sounds. Dub is like deja-vu due it’s constant reinterpretations and the fact that any good dub has been digested, excreted and contorted countless times. Dub is for the obsessives, made by the obsessives, but it never demands the sort of attention or pedantry one often associates with obsession.

Herein lies a dusty collection of dub, assembled in a lair of dank squalor and composed as a dirge to all the joints that never rolled quite as long as they should have. This is a mix for those that never hung a Legend poster in their dorm-room and for those that always preferred their mixes with skits. This mix is best ingested alone in one’s underwear after a gluttonous meal and with the volume very high.

1.The Ethnic Fight Band — “Rock Steady Rocker”
2.Keith Hudson — “Felt the Strain Dub”
3.Suns of Arqa — “Acid Tabla”
4.The Revolutionaries — “Ital Menu”
5.Carlton Barrett — “Hawks Theme”
6. Ja Man All Stars — “Half Ounce”
7. Unknown — “Unknown Dub”
8. Winston Riley — “Born to Love”
9. Prince Far I — “Back Weh”
10. Creation Rebel and New Age Steppers — “Chemical Specialist”
11. Unknown — “Unknown Dub”
12. U Brown featuring Trinity — “Nice Up the Yard”

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