POW Premiere: quickly, quickly Emerges with ‘Over Skies’

POW premieres the new EP from quickly, quickly.
By    August 2, 2018

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Will Schube still thinks he’s a prodigy.

I’m at the age where professional sports drafts fuck me up. The men getting picked by NBA teams are barely that; they’re only 18 and 19 years old. Teens going to the NHL are often 17. As a kid who grew up loving sports, the athletes I idolized seemed infinitely older than I’d ever be, just massive, unapproachable very large adults who I’d always be younger than. And yet, I’m 25, and it’s been probably three or four years since any athlete has been drafted at an age older than I was then. It’s depressing as hell, but probably not as depressing as writing about kids making music who are 17 years old! That is so, so, sooooooo young. Enter quickly, quickly, practically an infant of a beat producer out of Portland, making grooves so expressive and soulful, his age is quickly pushed to the backdrop and his musical voice amplified to the wattage it deserves on his debut EP, Over Skies.

quickly, quickly’s debut EP, Over Skies (out tomorrow), is a lush reimagining of childhood, a refracted look at hip-hop from an obsessive actively documenting his entrance into the genre. The melodies on Over Skies are particularly impressive—the way quickly, quickly ramps up buzzy and twitchy synths to highlight the skittering percussion beneath his work. “Lie” is a haunted, hollowed out rap take on a dub template, blunted and cozy without ever getting suffocating. On “Ghost,” quickly shows a remarkable knack for the old-school beat scene, concocting an easy going head-nodder that explodes into a technicolor sunset; the rainbow peeking through the end of a Pacific Northwest rain.

Over Skies is the second release on 823, the label started by producer Ta-ku. It’s a boutique operation, and the quickly, quickly release is only the second album Ta-ku’s put out. The two are growing together, and based on Over Skies, quickly, quickly will be a beat scene staple long before he can order a drink at the clubs he plays.

Pre-order the EP here.

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