Blueface, Almighty Suspect & Stupid Young Brings the Heat on “Slidin”

Will Schube takes a look at Blueface's latest track.
By    October 17, 2018

Will Schube likes his coffee freeze dried.

Blueface raps like he’s answering the question of a stoned friend for the 100th time. He sounds exasperated and condescending but cuts with playfulness, and because of this flow and Blueface’s penchant for wildly graphic tales of street life and bedroom shenanigans, the LA rapper has immediately established himself as next up in the city. There’s apparently some debate going on because old folks are getting pissed off that Blueface avoids the beat like he’s trying to dodge bullets Peter Falk style circa The In-Laws (“Serpentine!”), but all that’s nonsense because Blueface is a ton of fun and sounds exactly like an LA crip with five bodies worth of tattoos.

On “Slidin,” which our Don’t Come to LA friends over at Rosecrans Avenue premiered, Blueface yelps and raps and raps and raps before fellow future legends Almighty Suspect and Stupid Young take over. Over scary sharp keys brought forth by producers Mike Crook and Dupri, Blueface moves through his normal routine, touching on guns, girls, and lots of money. His voice shifts from rangy high pitches to menacing growls and yet the young rapper has his throat on the beat’s neck the entire time. Blueface handles the hook in addition to spitting the first verse, and his flow is exactly the same throughout; you wouldn’t notice the move from one section to the other unless you were actively seeking it out. I guess this is what the old dudes are mad at? No wonder Blueface sounds so done with answering the same old questions on “Slidin.”

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