POW Premiere: Adot — “No Ls”

Now presenting the world premiere of the Chicago rapper's new single and video; Jack Riedy offers a few quick words.
By    April 26, 2019

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Jack Riedy has studied the art of Dame Lillard’s buzzer beater.

Adot doesn’t need a crew to hold your attention. “I feel like visuals are the most important aspect of an artist cause like how you look is pretty much how you are perceived,” the East Side Chicago rapper told Elevator, It’s fitting that in the video for his track “No Ls,” which POW is premiering today, Adot appears alone.

“No Ls” is a song for showing up to a party with your own half-empty bottle and talking to no one. But sharp lines like ”Think it’s fishy how they flop when I needed them the most” are liable to get the whole function chanting along. Director Trapstelo’s camera captures the rapper born Armani Bullock in front of burning garbage and tagged-up train cars, looking like the last survivor of the Y2K disaster.

The video’s aesthetic looks fresh from a turn-of-the-millennium Hot Topic: warped camcorder footage, descending Matrix code, a neon Playboy bunny logo. Even the repost symbol, icon of the social media age, pops into frame like a Windows Movie Maker effect. Though his face dissolves into blurs in less than three minutes, the rapper’s silhouette sears into the viewers’ eyelids.

Adot is preparing his next project, GREYSCALE, for release later this year. He’s working with desaturated beats like the loading screen pulse of Machobeatz’s work on “No Ls”. His rapping adds the color, and the video matches with a broken VCR rainbow. Save yourself an L and click play.

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